Tom Brown

Welcome to the website of Tom Brown. This is the first version of the site so it doesn't look too great now.

This is my personal website. I am mainly interested in communicating my spiritual views. Please feel free to click on the links in the navigation bar to explore my musings about life, the Universe, and everything.

Some of what is on this site may seem like I am absolutely certain about the big questions of life. I am not. These are my opinions. I am humble enough to admit that I might be wrong. In fact, I agree with Socrates when he said, "I am not wise because I know nothing either good or noble, but I am wiser than others because I know that I do not know." The reason that what is on this site may look like certainties is simply that it would detract from my discussion if I were constantly qualifying every statement with, 'this may or may not be true, and others are free to disagree with me, but in my personal opinion ....'

If you are interested in technical side of this website, it is currently written in plain old HTML (hand-coded) using BootStrap to make it look ok on smart phones and to make the navigation bar work, a bit of PHP for the header and footer files so I don't have to repeatedly copy and paste code, and some CSS to make it look a little nice.