About Me

I am a multidisciplinary professional, having studied physics, public administration and web development. I passionately want to help society, specifically to fight the loneliness epidemic, to build community and to help people form more authentic relationships.

I enjoy working places where I have the freedom and autonomy to be creative and innovate and where I can work on problems which are intellectually stimulating. I crave exhiliration and feeling alive. Working somewhere to improve society and where the work is ethical is important to me. I value authenticity, have a high degree of integrity, and I am a risk-taker.

I previously suffered from anxiety and depression. With the help of spiritual healing, however, I am about 95% cured of this. Due to this, spirituality is a big part of my life. Also, I would like someday to help others who are in the same situation I was and also to tell my story, possibly in book form, to help people.

In my work I would like to use my ability to learn quickly, my imagination, my curiosity, my self-awareness, my confidence, my self-discipline, and my perseverance. Also, I enjoy analytical thinking, and I have a high intelligence.

I am kind, warm, compassionate, a free-thinker, adventurous, and I have a strong drive and determination. I enjoy taking initiative to provide excellent client service.

My assets include a masters degree in public administration, an honours bachelor of science in physics, and a diploma in web development. I have strong programming skills as well as a natural programming ability and five years experience in programming. Additionally I worked for three years as a policy analyst in the federal government. Furthermore, I spent four years in Toastmasters public speaking clubs, was the club president for a year, and won a competition for speech evaluation. Also, I have taken eleven years of piano lessons and have won an award for piano at the grade 10 level.

I admire well-known individuals who are free-thinkers and courageous, such as Socrates, Roger Penrose and Graham Hancock, as well as those who are passionate and great leaders, such as Nelson Mandela, and those who demonstrate a large amount of perseverance and humility, such as Elon Musk.

I am curious about exploring many possibilities, but most of all I would like to build products and services that reduce loneliness, build community, and help people have authentic relationships. While the World Wide Web has been criticized by some for creating loneliness and impairing local communities, I believe this is simply because it is a young technology and we have not yet learned how to adjust it to ensure that its social impact remains positive. I am very interested in researching how to optimize the positive social impact of the Web, reduce its negative social impact, and building websites that follow from this research.

I am also interested in helping others with anxiety and depression, and creating blogs and youtube channels, possibly on the relationship between spirituality and physics. Other interests I wish to continue to pursue are skydiving, jogging, piano, and participating in spiritual ceremonies.