The Choice: Love or Fear

In the discussion on faith I indicate that faith is a duality of free will and fate. The primary focus of the free will we all have is a very simple choice. We are presented with this choice repeatedly in our lives. This is the choice between love and fear. It can be the choice between introducing yourself to someone you like or not. It is also the choice between opening up about your insecurities to those close to you, or hiding them from yourself and others. It can be the choice between remaining in a job you have no interest in since you are afraid of the financial uncertainty or attempting to pursue something you are truly passionate about.

Furthermore, it is a choice in how we run our companies and our societies. Leaders can choose to lead by fear or by love. Those leaders who lead by fear assume their employees only work for money and will use whatever means they can to screw over their employers. They constantly monitor their employees and severely punish the most minor violations. They don't explain to their employees why they want them to do what they are doing. They compartmentalize and keep people in the dark. Organizations are run by rigid hierarchies on a need to know basis. They will only treat their employees well if they have to in order to induce them to work. Otherwise, they take advantage of their employees.

Leaders who rule by love, however, believe that one of their most important roles is to take care of their employees. They don't impose reams of rules and regulations or monitor their employees relentlessly. Instead they give their employees freedom to do the work the way that makes sense to them. They inspire and motivate their employees. These leaders explain to their employees why the work they are doing is important and trust in the goodness of their employees to do what needs to be done to ensure the overall goals of the organization are met.