Elsewhere I have discussed dualities in the individual. There are also dualities in society. Some examples of these are the dualities between science and religion, between reason and intuition, between order and freedom, and between centralization and de-centralization. As I have said elsewhere all dualities are illusion and everything is one. For this reason, balance is crucial for these dualities.

My conception of faith is also that of a duality. Some may say that faith is blindly following a set of rules written down by some now-dead guy a long time without any thought if they make sense to you now. To these people I ask, if God wanted us to have this type of faith, then why did he give us such big brains?

Faith, in my opinion, is the duality and paradox between free will and fate. The free will aspect is discussed in books such as 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napolean Hill and 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne. It is simply the notion that we create reality with our minds. By holding a thought in your head and fervently believing that you will become that. You can become incredibly rich, for example, by holding that belief in your mind, and constantly reminding yourself of it. You may fail 10, 20, or 30 times but if you keep the belief in your mind and stay positive it is inevitable that you will eventually succeed. Psychology has called this a self-fulfilling prophecy and the power of positive thinking.

Actually, I believe that this power does not come from the mind, but from me - that is the soul - since I am not a brain or a body - I am a soul. In fact, all humans are slightly psychic and slightly psychokinetic. This is documented in the book 'The Scientific Proof of Psychic Phenomena' by Dean Radin. The human soul is far more powerful than most people realize. I also believe this is how prayer works. There is documented scientific evidence that prayer can help people heal. Scientists have conducted experiments where patients are randomly assigned to a placebo group or a group which is given to prayer circles to pray for. Those who are prayed for are statistically more healthy at the end of the study than those in the placebo groups. I may offend some by saying this, but I don't believe this is because a powerful spiritual entity, such as Jesus or God intervenes (though I do believe in the existence of powerful spiritual entities). I actually think this happens because humans are powerful enough that by directed thoughts, especially together with other humans, we can have a psychokinetic impact on the external world.

In my opinion, however, if one only holds this aspect of faith in mind that is quite arrogant. The other aspect of faith is fate. The Universe and God are the same thing. The Universe is a living conscious entity. This is why miracles occur. Miracles are very frequent, though they are most often small miracles. These are random occurrences that benefit someone and which don't break any laws of science by happening but which are quite unlikely. They are what the psychoanalyst Carl Jung referred to as synchronicities. For example, if you are doing research you may meet just the right person at just the right time to help you with that research. Actually, since we are part of the Universe, we are also all part of God. I am an aspect of God, you are an aspect of God, the seagulls flying outside are aspects of God, even rocks are aspects of God. Everything and everyone is connected.

Also, time is an illusion. It is possible that something you saw or did, something you studied, or a conversation you had, four months or a year or two years ago which made no sense back then, will take on profound importance today. This is how fate acts. Fate is the divine consciousness of the Universe acting through the individual.

Fate and free will, the two aspects of faith, however, are a paradox. How can we have free will with faith? It is my opinion that the resolution of this duality lies in the notion that if we lose our human hang-ups we can become conduits of faith. Fate then flows through us to become free will.